Aden Camp Fear

30th August | Aden Country Park


Aden Camp Fear 2









In the heart of the secluded woods, under the cover of night's enigmatic embrace, Camp Fear 2 beckons the brave and the bold into its depths, inviting them to explore the shadows of their own fears. This is no ordinary camp; it's a gateway to a realm where your darkest fears roam free.


Choose Your Level

Twilight Terrors - Age 12+ (6 PM - 9 PM): Dip your toes into the chilling waters of fear with guided haunted trails, the art of eerie storytelling, and playful horror fun. Plus, confront your phobias head-on with the Critter Keeper, where you'll have the chance to face your fear of snakes and spiders, and partake in activities that test your trust and courage in the enveloping darkness.

Midnight Mysteries - Age 18+ (6 PM - 1 AM): Start with the Twilight Terrors package then stay on for some more "fun"....

Dawn Defiers (6 PM - Dawn): Add on camping. The event finishes at 1am. 

But fear not! (Well, maybe just a little.) For every twisted path and heart-pounding moment is meticulously orchestrated to ensure safety. After all, while we aim to terrify, we also want to see you again... perhaps for Camp Fear 3?

Will you dare to face the embodiment of your fears? Secure your spot now, if you dare, and remember: at Camp Fear 2, it's not just a nightmare; it's your nightmare.