An Aberdeenshire Halloween Festival

Elevating Aberdeenshire as a Premier Halloween Destination

Hello! I’m Laura, the proud owner of Northern Frights, a double award-winning events company based in Aberdeenshire. Northern Frights has  been recognised by the Scottish Parliament for our commitment to creating unique events and providing valuable opportunities for local companies throughout the region.

Building on the success of last year’s one-night event at Aden Country Park, we are excited to propose the expansion of this Halloween celebration into a spectacular two-day festival under the new banner, Hallow-deen. With the legacy of the previously successful “Aden-een” (not run by us) drawing thousands, our vision is to elevate and enhance this tradition, making Hallow-deen a flagship Halloween event in Aberdeenshire.

We’re looking for people to get involved in various ways.

Whether it’s through volunteering your time, joining with your community group, or contributing financially, every bit of support helps. We also welcome donations of services which can play a vital role in enhancing the festival experience. Join us in creating a Halloween destination that stands out in Aberdeenshire and beyond!

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Leveraging our expertise in top-tier animatronics, costume design, and event management, we are perfectly positioned to lead this ambitious project.

While the UK hosts several large-scale Halloween festivals, Aberdeenshire lacks a major event of this nature. Hallow-deen aims to fill this gap, attracting both local residents and tourists, and providing significant economic benefits to the area through increased visitation and spending.

What we bring:

  • A proven track record of successful event management.

  • High-quality, engaging event elements including animatronics and thematic costumes.

  • A committed team passionate about delivering exceptional experiences.


The expansion of Hallow-deen into a two-day festival will not only enhance Aberdeenshire’s cultural calendar but also boost local tourism and economic activity. By becoming an annual highlight, this event can attract increasing numbers of visitors each year, promoting local businesses and fostering community pride.

With your support, Hallow-deen will transcend traditional boundaries of Halloween festivities, creating a landmark event that draws attendees from across the UK and beyond. Join us in making Hallow-deen a beacon of celebration, creativity, and community engagement in Aberdeenshire.

To elevate Hallow-deen to its full potential, the following resources are essential:

  • Enhanced Lighting and Sound Systems: To create a captivating atmosphere that enchants our visitors.

  • Robust Security Measures: Security is a paramount concern, especially as the festival setup in a public park requires days of preparation. To safeguard our installations, equipment, and participants, comprehensive security measures (including overnight patrols) are essential during both the setup and the event itself.

  • Marquees and Heating Solutions: To ensure comfort for stallholders and guests, making the festival a welcoming space regardless of weather conditions.

  • Storage for Large Displays: Efficient management and maintenance of our elaborate decorations and setups are crucial for seamless operation.

  • Community and Local Group Involvement: Enriching the festival’s cultural footprint and fostering local talent and businesses.

  • Facilities such as toilet hire

  • Sponsorship and Partnerships: Securing financial and in-kind support essential for scaling the event sustainably.

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