Referral Program

Welcome to the Northern Frights ticket Referral Program


Turn your passion into profit by joining the Northern Frights Ticket Referral Programme and earn a 10% commission on every ticket sale made through your unique link.

Here’s the deal:

Earn 10% Commission: For each ticket sold using your personalised affiliate link, you earn a 10% commission. Perfect for horror and fantasy enthusiasts, every ticket sale boosts your earnings!

Swift Payment: No lengthy waits for your money. We process commissions 30 days after the event, allowing you to enjoy your earnings shortly after the last scare fades.

Flexible Payment Options: We prioritise your convenience. Choose between a bank transfer or PayPal for receiving your payments post-event, and we’ll handle the rest.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions below



Eligibility: Open to anyone eager to spread the word about Northern Frights. Joining means you’re on board with these T&Cs.

Commission Structure: Earn a tidy 10% commission on ticket sales made through your referral link. Commissions are calculated on the ticket price alone, minus any booking fees. For instance, a £25 ticket nets you £2.50.

Affiliate Link: You’ll receive a unique link to track your sales. It's your responsibility to ensure your referrals use this link so we can accurately credit those sales to you.

Reporting: Need an update on your sales? Send an email to once a month, at most, to get the latest.

Payment Schedule: We’ll settle up 30 days after the event to ensure all sales are accounted for, including any necessary adjustments for cancellations or refunds.

Payment Method: Your commission will be sent via a method specified by us. You’re responsible for providing accurate payment details and managing any related taxes or fees.

Conduct: We expect you to promote Northern Frights ethically and legally, aligning with our event's values. No spamming or misrepresenting the event, please.

Termination: If the terms are breached, or if actions taken are detrimental to the event’s reputation, we may need to terminate your participation in the programme.

Changes to Terms: We reserve the right to amend these T&Cs. We’ll inform you of any changes, which will take effect as soon as we announce them.

Liability: Northern Frights isn’t liable for any indirect losses or damages that might arise through your participation in the programme.

Tax Responsibility: Handling taxes on your earnings? That’s all on you. You’re responsible for reporting and paying any taxes that a taxing authority might require.

By joining the Ticket Referral Programme, you’re acknowledging you’ve read, understood, and agreed to adhere to these terms and conditions. Let’s make Northern Frights a phenomenal success together!